Fire retardant panel where B15 certification is required on board yachts. This particular panel consists of a calcium silicate core and 1.5 mm Okoumè skins.

Different thicknesses and densities available upon request. Polyfire is suitable for the compartmentalisation and fitting out of vessels subject to IMO SOLAS MED regulations and is therefore used on vessels where fire protection is a priority.

Gallery Polyfire

Applications and Features

Outer sides of Okoumè marine plywood

Calcium silicate core

CF bonding with one-component polyurethane adhesive with zero formaldehyde emissions

Excellent fire resistance 

Excellent 30dB sound insulation

Density of 450 to 750 kg/m3

Recognised core with Class B15 fire retardant approval

Excellent resistance in high-humidity and high-salinity environments

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