This particular type of Polymar, in addition to its features of lightness and solidity, has the potential to become a load-bearing element, thanks to the inner Okoumè layer designed to hold the screw and placed in the core of the panel between two PVC layers.

This version of sandwich panel finds similar applications to the classic Polymar, meeting the specific needs of those who need to fix superstructures or moving parts to the panel.

Gallery Polymar W


Richiesta Scheda Tecnica POLYMAR W

Applications and Features

Applications : Divisional and structural walls, floors, underlays, furniture, doors, tables, cabinets, ceilings.

Excellent durability in high-humidity and high-salinity environments

PVC does not absorb water or humidity

Excellent dimensional stability, maintains a high degree of flatness and is not subject to torsion

Excellent screw hold thanks to the central reinforcement layer made of Okoumè Marine Plywood

Offers good thermal containment performance

Supplied already squared to standard dimensions or customised to customer request

Possibility of customised compositions upon customer request

Composed of Okoumè Marine Plywood outer sides.

Core made of rigid PVC foam with a density of 80 kg/m³

Central core for the screw seal in marine Okoumè

CF bonding with one-component polyurethane adhesive with zero formaldehyde emissions

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