This particular type of sandwich panel is the second and final product in the G range. Similar to Polyphon Polymar, it combines the capabilities, not only of Polyphon and Polymar, but also of the high-density filled rubber of Polyphon G, making it the best structural and sound insulating panel used in the nautical field.

It is used for compartmentalisation in recreational boating, where sound insulation is essential.

Gallery Polyphon - Polymar G


Richiesta Scheda Tecnica POLYPHON-POLYMAR G

Applications and Features

Applications: where sound insulation is essential

High 40dB sound insulation

Excellent durability in high-humidity environments

80 kg/m3 PVC core reduces panel weight

Excellent mechanical performance

Consisting of Polyphon outer sides and a Polymar core

CF bonding with one-component polyurethane adhesive with zero formaldehyde emissions

Supplied already squared to standard dimensions or customised to customer request

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