It is thanks to the cork core that this panel strikes a perfect balance between acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and lightness.

Polysugh is the ideal panel in which these features are required. Suitable for flooring, its main field of application is in the insulation of rooms surrounding engine cabins.

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Richiesta Scheda Tecnica POLYSUGH

Applications and Features

Applications: environments surrounding the engine cabin

Good thermal insulation capacity

Excellent durability in high-humidity environments

Easy to work with

CF bonding with one-component polyurethane adhesive with zero formaldehyde emissions

Cork available in 6, 10 and 15 mm thicknesses

Possibility of customised compositions upon customer request

Supplied already squared to standard dimensions or customised to customer request

Consisting of outer sides of Okoumè marine plywood

Low-density cork (280/300 kg/m³) agglomerate core

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